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Nursing Home Abuse

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When your loved one is residing in a nursing facility, they should never have to suffer nursing home abuse. We’re ready to take action and fight for the justice they deserve.

When you place your loved one in a nursing facility, it is with the intention that they receive the care that they need for their best quality of life. Sometimes, these situations are not for their benefit due to nursing home abuse that arises from a number of issues.
Having poor staffing with each shift, a lack of training and decreased funding can create a situation where your loved one encounters abuse.

The Nashville, TN, nursing home abuse attorneys at Phillip S Georges, PLLC, are here to demand justice for you and your loved one who may have experienced nursing home abuse. Learn more through a free case review today.

Let Us Do The Work

We do not want our clients to do any heavy lifting. The only work you have to do is give us a call, and we will take over, starting with a free case review.

We Want Justice

Our lawyers are known as the Wolf Pack for a reason. We fight for fair compensation and justice for our clients who experienced abuse out of their control.

No Fee Unless We Win

If we are not successful in getting our clients the justice and compensation they deserve, no fee is required. We are only paid when we win the case.

We Know How Hard It Is

When we choose to put our loved ones in a nursing home, it is because we want to give them the best care available to them. They are not able to take care of themselves independently and need additional assistance. This is why it is so devastating when you discover that your loved one has been subjected to such abuse.

When our clients discover the level of abuse, no matter what type of abuse it may be, it is not easy for them to navigate through this process on their own. Having to relive this process over every day is more than most of them can bear. This is why they choose the Wolf Pack to lead them and take over the case, so they can get on the road to recovery right away.

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Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, or even financial in nature. In many cases, it takes a while to see all of the signs because the mistreatment is hidden by staff. If your loved one is showing signs of bruising, trauma, or a change in their behavior that is odd, there is a chance they could be suffering from nursing home abuse. Common signs include:

  • Bed Sores
  • Depression
  • Dehydration
  • Bruises and welts
  • Severe behavior changes

When you visit your loved one regularly, you are able to identify these changes early on. Those who do not have frequent visitors are often the first to fall victim to this abuse.

Why Is This Happening

Unfortunately, there are those in the nursing home industry that will take advantage of your trust when you place your loved one in their car. Whether it is a matter of neglect or direct abuse, these individuals are out to prey on elderly patients and take advantage of them in the worst of ways. The National Council on Aging has reported that at least 1 in 10 of these nursing home residents has experienced nursing home abuse in some form and capacity.

Many times this abuse reflects directly on the facility itself. They often under-staff their teams, leaving patients to be neglected and not obtain adequate around the clock care. Doing this day in and day out, stretching that abuse. When staff becomes irritated, they take their anger and frustration out on their patients, leaving your loved ones to fall victim to a situation that they had no control over.

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Nursing Home Abuse FAQs

Absolutely. Just because they enter the facility as a resident does not mean that they lose their rights to an environment that is safe and free from all types of abuse including neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse and even financial abuse.

If you believe that your loved one is suffering from nursing home abuse, then you need to call the Adult Protective Services in your area right away.

The most common signs are:

  • Bed Sores
  • Depression
  • Dehydration
  • Bruises and Welts

Once you have been in contact with APS, they should initiate an investigation. You should go ahead and move your loved one from the facility if you are able to do so.

It is best practice to go ahead and pursue legal action once you have a case open with APS. If you have already contacted them and have not had much luck, give us at Phillip S Georges, PLLC a call today for a free case review.