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3M Earplugs Linked to Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

If you experienced tinnitus and hearing loss after using 3M's dual-ended Combat Arms earplugs, you may be entitled to significant compensation. Call The Wolf Pack® at Phillip S. Georges, PLLC, to find out if you qualify.

The Combat Arms Earplugs, a product made by Aearo Technologies Inc. and 3M, were sold to several branches of the military between 2003 and 2015. The dual-ended earplugs were designed to protect service members from ear damage caused by loud noises in combat.

Hearing loss and tinnitus are among the most common service-related disabilities in veterans, according to the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs. The Combat Arms earplugs were intended to prevent these disabilities in service members, particularly those deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In 2016, a whistleblower complaint claimed that the companies knowingly sold defective Combat Arms earplugs to the military during this time, putting them at risk of hearing damage. Though 3M settled with the United States Department of Justice for $9.1 million, hundreds of veterans have come forward with significant hearing problems making them eligible to file their own 3M earplug lawsuit.

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If you’ve been suffering from hearing loss or tinnitus after using 3M Combat Arms earplugs, you may be entitled to compensation. Call The Wolf Pack® to share your story and see if you qualify.

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3M Earplugs Cause Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

Healthy hearing is important for service members in combat situations and in everyday life after the military. Unfortunately, veterans are more likely than nonveterans to experience severe hearing impairment after service.

The Department of Defense tried to correct this problem with the 3M Combat Arms earplugs issued to service members in all military branches between 2003 and 2015. These earplugs were intended to provide two hearing protection options, but they became loose in the wearer’s ears because of a product defect, leaving them susceptible to hearing damage.

Complications of 3M Earplugs

3M Earplugs

Service members are already at an increased risk of hearing damage. Because of the defect in Combat Arms earplugs, service members may experience:

  • Sensorineural hearing loss, a type of permanent damage to the inner ear and auditory nerve
  • Conductive hearing loss, or damage to the middle ear and eardrum
  • Tinnitus, a buzzing or ringing in the ears that happens intermittently

Experiencing these hearing problems can lead to other problems, such as:

  • Decreased quality of life
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD

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3M Earplugs Lead to Hearing Problems

3M is accused of covering up design defects in its earplugs, falsifying test results, and failing to provide proper instruction to the military about the appropriate use of the earplugs. This led to hearing damage and problems for wearers.

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Have 3M Earplugs Been Recalled?

Despite the defects, the 3M Combat Arms earplugs were never recalled by either the company voluntarily or by order of the Food & Drug Administration.

How Could Filing a 3M Earplugs Lawsuit Help?

If you’re a service member who experienced hearing loss or tinnitus from using 3M Combat Arms earplugs, you have rights. Call The Wolf Pack® to hold 3M responsible for providing a known defective product to U.S. military service members.

You may be entitled to compensation for your hearing problems and expenses, such as:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of wages
  • Therapy for anxiety or PTSD
  • Punitive damages

If you’re a U.S. service member who suffered hearing loss because of this defective product and careless manufacturer, Attorney Phil Georges is on your side and wants to fight for the maximum amount of compensation you deserve. He will dive into every detail of your case and ensure no dollar is left behind when pursuing your settlement. Contact us today to get The Wolf Pack® on your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

The current 3M earplug lawsuits are for the 3M dual-ended Combat Arms earplugs sold to the military for service members between 2003 and 2015.

The 3M Combat Arms earplugs that are defective are a type of selective attenuation earplugs that consist of a pair of inverted cones with a short stem connecting them. One end works like traditional earplugs, while the other is designed to hear quiet sounds while blocking out loud noises. The stem that connects these earplugs is too short, preventing them from sitting properly in the ear and allowing loud sounds to penetrate. If you used this defective product and suffered hearing loss, Attorney Phil Georges is here to fight for your right to compensation.

The defective 3M Combat Arms earplugs were issued to service members serving in combat zones between 2003 and 2015, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, Libya, and the Indian Ocean region. We’ve made finding out if you qualify for a 3M Earplug lawsuit easy. All you have to do is call!

The 3M Combat Arms earplugs were issued for combat and training purposes. Because of the defect, some service members were exposed to hearing damage from using the earplugs in training situations. If you’re wondering if you qualify for a 3M Earplug lawsuit, call us right now to find out!

The 3M earplugs defect was discovered in 2018 when the company agreed to pay the Department of Justice a settlement in the amount of $9.1 million for knowingly selling defective earplugs. This settlement was part of the False Claims Act against 3M. The company did not admit fault as part of the settlement offer. Let The Wolf Pack® fight for your right to compensation. Contact us today.