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Were You Injured by a Defective Product?

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When any company releases a product, it is required by law to inform consumers of any potential dangers associated with that product.

If you’ve purchased a product and were using it exactly as instructed but got hurt due to some defect or danger you weren’t aware of, our product liability lawyers can help you pursue a lawsuit against the manufacturer. Contact The Wolf Pack at 800-484-9653 or fill out our online form for a free case review today.

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If you’ve been injured by a defective product, you have rights and may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

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If you were using a product exactly the way you should but got injured from an unknown issue or danger, knowing what to do next can be scary. You’re likely angry and worried. You have medical bills piling up, you may not be able to work, and you don’t know where to turn.

At Phillip S. Georges, PLLC, we feel your pain and we are dedicated to providing the help you need to navigate this difficult time. Our product liability lawyers have seen people just like you hurting due to the direct actions of irresponsible manufacturers. We’re ready to fight for justice for you and work hard for the compensation you deserve.

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Understanding Product Liability Laws

Product liability laws function under a legal concept called strict liability. This means that the seller, distributor, or manufacturer of any product may be liable for anyone who gets hurt using that product.

To pursue a claim, you need to prove that the product was unreasonably dangerous, that the seller knew the dangers and sold it anyway, and that you got hurt by that product. This can be complex to prove and is one of the primary reasons why having an experienced product liability lawyer on your side will be to your benefit.

Types of Product Liability Claims

There are three general types of claims that are filed for product liability cases:

These types of claims involve situations where the product carries a flaw that occurred during manufacturing. In these kinds of claims, a specific product doesn’t match others of the same type due to, for example, a quality control issue.

Products are required to include full documentation of safety risks under the law. This means if there is a danger in using a product, manufacturers or vendors are required to warn users. If they don’t, they can be held liable for any injuries their products cause.

Designers and manufacturers have a responsibility to produce well-designed products. Defective design claims involve issues where the actual design of the product is inherently dangerous to users, even when it’s manufactured or used properly.

Were You Hurt by a Defective Product?

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Defective Product FAQs

These cases can get complex. Your product liability lawyer will cite anyone who might be responsible, which could include the manufacturer, the vendor, suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, designers, quality control staff, and anyone else who might be connected to the product.

A statute of limitations refers to the time limit during which you have to file your suit in order for it to be heard. Each state has its own time limit, but it’s always best to file as soon as you can. Contact your product liability attorney at The Wolf Pack for details in your state.

Each case is unique and it’s important for your attorney at Phillip S. Georges, PLLC, to talk to you about your case to determine what you might be entitled to collect. In general, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, lost potential future earnings, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, loss of companionship, reduced enjoyment of life, and other damages.

While every product liability case is different, the general laws require that you prove you were seriously injured using the product. You then have to prove that there was a defect in the product, usually related to a failure to warn, a manufacturing defect, or a design defect. Finally, you will need to show that you were using the product appropriately, as it was intended.