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April 2020 — Attorney Phil Georges, founder of The Wolf Pack® of Phillip S. Georges, PLLC in Nashville, Tennessee, is playing a major role in the highly publicized fight against the manufacturers of Zantac®, despite challenges presented by COVID-19.

This historic fight against several big pharma giants has the potential to be one of the largest in the history of defective drug cases.

Fighting for the Millions of Lives Knowingly Put at Risk

Venued in the Zantac® class action MDL (multidistrict litigation) in the Southern District of Florida, Attorney Phil Georges will fight against Zantac® manufacturers to help the growing number of victims in Tennessee and across the country.

Since Zantac® became available in the 1980s, drugmakers failed to protect or warn consumers about the increased risk of cancer, knowingly putting the lives of millions at risk.

“Large corporations don’t always have your safety at heart and when they cause innocent people to get hurt, we must step in and stop them,” Attorney Phil Georges said.

How Will COVID-19 Disrupt Justice for Zantac® Victims?

As Zantac® litigation progresses, many wonder how the COVID-19 public health crisis will not only delay the chance for victims to seek justice, but also how it will threaten the health of those with immune systems compromised by the usage of this drug.

Because of the coronavirus, Zantac® litigation has already been subject to significant delays. Not only can delays slow the chances of getting a settlement for Zantac® victims, but it could outright deny some the settlements they deserve.

Zantac® victims who have developed cancer have now sheltered-in-place as they face an increased risk of experiencing fatal complications from COVID-19.

A Tennessee Law Firm With a National Reputation for Fighting Against Corporate Greed

For many of these victims in Tennessee and beyond, overcoming these challenges depends on finding experienced legal support. This is what motivates The Wolf Pack® led by Attorney Phil Georges to fight ferociously for Zantac® victims.

“I want to give people a voice so that they can tell their story; hopefully I can help them right whatever wrong they face, no matter how big or small,” Phil Georges said.

While The Wolf Pack® is headquartered in Nashville, Phil Georges is currently reviewing Zantac® cases across the country.

To learn more about Attorney Phil Georges, the current Zantac® litigation, and how victims can seek justice today, fill out our free online contact form or call 800-484-9653.


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