Every car accident has the potential to be traumatic, from a fender bender to a major wreck, but there are few that provoke a sense of anger like a rear-end collision does. You’re understandably frustrated that the driver behind you hit your vehicle, and you may be in a great deal of pain from serious injuries ranging from broken bones to whiplash or head trauma.

Still, it’s imperative that you follow the right steps after a rear-end accident to help protect your rights and any money you’re entitled to for your losses.

Listed below are five important things to keep in mind after a rear-end accident and how hiring the right Nashville car accident lawyer in this situation will be to your benefit.

1. Keep a Level Head

Breathe deeply and do what you can to calm down. The first thing you can do to protect your claim after you’ve been rear-ended is control your emotions. The more angry or scared you are, the more likely you are to make a mistake. You want to keep all interactions at a calm and factual level. Never apologize and never accuse anyone of anything.

2. Call the Authorities

Police officer interogating people at an emergency scene.

Next, you want to call first responders to the scene. This serves two purposes. First, you need to be sure everyone on the scene is OK and that no one needs more serious and immediate medical attention. Paramedics or EMTs will evaluate everyone on-site, including you.

Next, you’ll want to speak to the police about filing a report. This will enable you to have a document to which you can refer as you retell your story in the coming days.

3. Exchange Information

Third, give your contact and insurance information to the other driver, and get theirs in return. Then, speak to any witnesses on-site and ask them to give you their contact information. All of this information is important to have when filing your claim.

4. Document the Accident

Take notes about what happened from your point of view. If you can, take as many photographs of the scene, the damage, and your surroundings as possible. The more information you can gather at the scene, the better off you will be when the time comes to pursue compensation for your injuries.

5. Call The Wolf Pack®: Your Nashville Car Accident Lawyers

Finally, get help from an experienced and qualified car accident lawyer in Nashville by calling The Wolf Pack® at Phillip S. Georges, PLLC. One misconception is that rear-end accidents aren’t as serious as other types of car wrecks. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Rear-end accidents can leave you with devastating injuries, medical bills, lost wages, emotional pain, and more.

If you’re in this situation, you need an attorney on your side who can help you recover every dollar you’re owed for your losses.

Reach out to us today at 615-505-5555 or fill out our online form for a free, no-obligation consultation about your case, and discover what it means to have The Wolf Pack® fight for you and your rights after a rear-end accident.