When you’re in a car accident caused by someone else, your whole life can change in an instant. You might be facing massive hospital or medical bills, and you likely can’t work, so you aren’t bringing in money. Worst of all, you’re probably dealing with insurance adjusters who are doing everything in their power to avoid paying out your claim. An experienced car accident lawyer can give you the best chance at getting the compensation you deserve. But when should you call an attorney for a car accident in Nashville? Continue reading to find out.

It’s Never Too Soon to Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

a woman holding her neck after a Nashville, TN, car accidentGenerally, you should contact a car accident lawyer as soon as possible if the accident caused significant injuries, such as broken bones or a fatality, pedestrians or other drivers were involved, or the at-fault driver is unclear. You should also contact a lawyer quickly if the accident occurred in a protected area, such as a construction zone or school zone.

Some accidents cause significant, life-altering injuries and damage, making it clear that you should hire a lawyer to help. However, minor accidents can have injuries and complications that show up days, weeks, or even years later, some of which may require car accident injury claims. If you speak with the insurance company and accept an offer, only to find that your injury was more severe than it initially seemed, you could be left with substantial expenses and no legal recourse.

Whether severe or minor, car accident injury claims are long and involved processes. Evidence degrades over time and witness testimony becomes less credible, so it’s important to get witness statements as early as possible. When you hire a car accident lawyer, they’ll go to work immediately to compile evidence, gather witness statements, and build a strong case for you. Because of this, it’s never too early to have a consultation with an experienced car accident lawyer.

Is It too Late to Call a Car Accident Lawyer?

the scene of a car accident on Nashville area roadsEvery state has a time limit in which someone is legally able to file a car accident lawsuit. This is called a statute of limitations. In Tennessee, the statute of limitations for injury claims is generally one year from the date of the accident. In certain circumstances, you may be allowed one year from the date the injury was discovered. If you miss this deadline, your claim is invalid and you won’t be able to pursue compensation. If you’re close to the statute of limitations, it’s vital to have a lawyer to help you with your claim.

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