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Nashville, Tennessee: Attorney Phil Georges of The Wolf Pack® at Phillip S. Georges, PLLC, a personal injury law firm, is filing a lawsuit against Macon County, Macon County Sheriff Mark Gammons, the Tennessee Corrections Institute, and additional liable parties, based on allegations of the abuse and inhumane treatment of eight inmates.

Alleged Abuse and Inhumane Treatment of Macon County Jail Inmates

Attorney Phil Georges is seeking justice and $25 million for each of the eight inmates who suffered abuse while serving time at the Macon County Jail beginning in February 2020. This mistreatment is a direct violation of 42 U.S. §1983 and the 8th amendment to The Constitution of The United States.

Inmates Held in Overcrowded Room Without Access to Running Water, Bathrooms, or Beds

The formal complaint, set to be filed on May 7, 2021, details the abuse of eight inmates who were held in an overcrowded room with no access to basic necessities, such as running water. Denied access to bathrooms, the inmates were forced to urinate in plastic jugs and defecate on the floor. The inmates were also denied access to bedding and were forced to sleep on that same floor.

A former Macon County Jail corrections officer, who has agreed to testify in this case, has provided self-recorded video evidence showing that the jail failed to follow proper procedure by holding too many inmates in a single room that lacked basic necessities.

A Failure of the Tennessee Corrections System

As an experienced lawyer having successfully tried over 100 cases, Attorney Phil Georges has visited countless jails serving his clients and he says this is not how jails are supposed to be managed.

“Being imprisoned is not supposed to be a cakewalk, but there are basic standards of living that should be afforded as a fundamental human right. No one deserves to be treated this way,” said Georges.

The Tennessee Corrections system, which also houses inmates in the jail, failed to follow their own handbook that describes a mission of fostering a safe environment that facilitates a positive viewpoint of law enforcement, aiding in an eventual successful reassimilation into society.

“This type of environment creates repeat offenders. It causes a degradation of the person, and it robs them of the opportunity to truly right their wrongs and become future positive contributors to the community,” said Georges.

Georges hopes this lawsuit will help ensure that justice is achieved for those who experienced this abuse and that protections are put in place for future inmates.

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