Nashville, Tennessee: Nashville law firm, Phillip S. Georges, PLLC, announces in a statement that his client, Joshua Smith, will be accepting a plea deal for the campaign finance charges against him. The case revolves around Tennessee State Senator Brian Kelsey who claims total innocence and even victimhood in the investigation.

Attorney Phil S. Georges Helps Nashville Business Owner Reach Plea Deal

In a statement given by his lawyer, Attorney Phillip Georges of The Wolf Pack™, Nashville private club owner Joshua Smith has confirmed that he will be pleading guilty to one of the five federal indictments against him and Senator Brian Kelsey.

While Senator Kelsey has pleaded not guilty to all of the five federal charges, Attorney Phil Georges and his client Joshua Smith are in full compliance with the federal investigation. Smith has accepted his responsibility in the campaign finance scheme and agreed to speak truthfully on the events that took place. Hopefully, his honesty will shine light on any further corruption in Tennessee politics.

$91,000 Illegal Campaign Finance Funnel

According to the five-count indictment handed down by a federal grand jury last October, Kelsey and Smith had illegally concealed the transfer of funds totaling $91,000 at the time of Kelsey’s failed 2016 congressional campaign.

The goal of funneling this money from Kelsey’s state Senate campaign committee to his federal congressional campaign committee was to bolster the advertising for his run for Congress. However, campaign finance law states that state campaign funds cannot be used towards a federal campaign.

There are also allegations that the actions of the two defendants caused illegal and excessive contributions to be made towards Kelsey’s congressional campaign by an unnamed nonprofit political organization. This resulted in inaccurate reports being submitted to the Federal Election Commission.

Another “Political Witch Hunt?”

While Smith is planning to cooperate ahead of the January 2023 trial, Kelsey has remained consistent in claiming that this has all been a “political witch hunt” against him. In fact, though the current US president was not in office at the time the investigation began, Kelsey has claimed that the investigation is a result of the Biden administration attempting to attack him for political purposes.

Since being federally charged last year, Senator Kelsey has stepped down from his role as chair of the Senate Education Committee, and he announced in March that he will not be seeking reelection to the General Assembly.

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